They’re Not Even 10 and They’re Instagram Stars

In 2012, Wilson R. Dorigon, Jr., a shoemaker from Brazil specialized in digital marketing and trend hunting, realized that, although traditional fashion was present everywhere in the street, Internet was still a niche to exploit regarding children’s fashion. That’s why he decided to take advantage and create Fashion Kids (@fashionkids), an Instagram account to which parents all around the world could send pictures of their fashionable kids.

Instagram was still not very popular in Latin America – it had had a relative success in the US, though – but Wilson realized that “mothers loved to use it in order to share pictures of her kids wearing sophisticated clothes.” That’s how Instagram’s little stars were born: they were little boys and girls, between few months and eight or nine years old.

Who’s behind them, though? It’s hard to believe that children those ages could manage an Instagram account. The answer is obvious – it’s their mothers, their instamoms. They choose the clothes they buy for them, they manage the gifts sent by fans and the offers made by children’s fashion companies.

Kids can be models and they're proving it Kids can be models and they’re proving it

When that happens, two things can happen afterwards – either fashion companies send clothes to the mothers and the children, so that the little ones can pose while wearing one of their products, or they pay the mothers a certain amount of money, which tends to be between $50 and $100, according to The New York Times.

The trend is far from ending. Wilson R. Dorigon thinks that, as there are nearly 70K pictures under the #postmyfashionkid hashtag, and 2.3 million under #fashionkids, the trend is completely healthy as of today. It’s good for parents, it’s good for children and, after all, they have fun and spend time together. Would you do it with your kids?


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