The Power of Luv on Instagram

Helly Luv is probably the most warrior-like pop singer in the world. She’s the most well-known Kurdish star. Not only her singing career has made her famous, but also her way of fighting against fanaticism. They call her the Middle Eastern Shakira, but her way of acting is not as peaceful as Shakira’s.

Luv (@hellyluv) was born in the Iranian Kurdistan and her story is quite unique. Her mother, her father and her grandfather were guerrilla fighters, who were forced to leave Iran in the 1980s. When she was only six years old, she and her family settled in Finland, where she lived till she was 18. Then she started to fight for her dream and moved to LA.

She never forgot her background, and that’s what helped her inspire herself through music. She normally records in LA, though she moved purposefully to Iran to record one of her last songs, a few miles away from a conflict zone controlled by the ISIS – that’s why she was discovered by Western media.

Luv, on her latest Instagram pictureLuv, on her latest Instagram picture

Muslim leaders started prosecuting her, fundamentalists told her they were going to kill her, Muslim priests preached against her in mosques, telling people that she was a bad figure for young Muslim girls to imitate. She didn’t take these things into account and continued to defend freedom of religion, freedom of speech – and she managed to sign an agreement with a music producer in LA.

At her Instagram account, which includes almost 1600 posts, we can see her showing her beauty to the world. Things you’d never imagine a prototypical Muslim girl doing, like wearing make-up, showing her done nails or posing in a gorgeous dress. She even has direct words aimed to ISIS members: “We are not afraid of you. You will not survive.” She’s a warrior, and she’ll remain a warrior, both online and in the real world.


365 Shields Drive. Bennington, VT 05201. USA


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