The Power of Luv on Instagram

Helly Luv is probably the most warrior-like pop singer in the world. She’s the most well-known Kurdish star. Not only her singing career has made her famous, but also her way of fighting against fanaticism. They call her the Middle Eastern Shakira, but her way of acting […]

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Showing the Truth Cost Her 3K Instagram Followers

After Essena O’Neill revolted social media during a week protesting against Instagram and its way of portraying reality, another model has decided to post pictures of her daily life on her profile. Stina Sanders (@stinasanders), a British model, lost almost 3K followers in a record time, but […]

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Daifuku is an Instagram Star and He Doesn’t Know It

Daifuku has an Instagram account, as many others do. Almost 100K followers are the key to know his popularity. He has a YouTube channel and has posted 910 posts on Instagram alone. Why then is he special? Any person could do that – but he’s a dog. […]

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