Kim Kardashian Has Trouble Finding Captions for Instagram

Spelling can be tough sometimes, we all know that. We’ve all had problems when it comes to writing – is it affect or effect? Is it defence or defense? We’ve all experienced this kind of doubts, so it wouldn’t have to be shocking that celebrities experience them too. Take for example Kim Kardashian. She’s not a writer, she’s not a journalist, but she does have experienced the fear of looking at a blank page and not knowing how to fill it. What is her problem exactly?

What's Kim's problem? What’s Kim’s problem?

Well, she’s experienced that fear, but not on real-life paper – but on Instagram. She’s shown that she’s have the same problems we all have. Haven’t you ever had trouble finding the words to describe, to comment a picture in which you got to get the perfect landscape view, the perfect selfie? A picture is worth a thousand words, and on Instagram it can be more tricky to find a hashtag than to write a normal sentence on a log or a book.

She’s described her anguish on her blog, saying that, while she loves posting pictures on Instagram, it’s really difficult for her to find the right captions. Most of the time, she says, she keeps it simple – if she goes to an event, she loves to credit the person who has rendered her beautiful or the designer of the clothes she wears. She doesn’t like adding a lot of hashtags, but only the necessary ones. However, she’s sometimes not inspired and she must ask other for help, in order to find the caption that better suits her picture.

When she must ask, she asks her friend Jonathan Cheban, her sister Khloé and her make-up artist Mario Dedivanovic, in order that they help her describe her photos and to find hashtags, may she need them.


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