Instagram removed up 10 million of spam accounts

Some Instagram users have opened their profiles today, as they do every day, and have been surprised when they saw that many of their followers had disappeared overnight!

Indeed, Instagram has decided to stop the growing number of false profiles that are appearing in their website, one of the most important problems of this social network, and it has begun to eliminate all its false profiles and users. According to the specialized media, Instagram may have eliminated almost 10 million of profiles in the whole world. 

This news can’t take anybody by surprise, because Instagram had already expressed its desire to avoid this kind of practices in their social network, unlike what happens in other social networks. Among the eliminate profiles are the inactive profiles and the false ones created only with commercial or advertising purposes. 

There are precisely the bad practices related to commercial and advertising purposes what Instagram is trying to avoid, eliminating, for example, those accounts that have a great number of false followers or those profiles created just to send spam to other users. 

In view of this situation, those legitimate tactics offered by some marketing companies that are operating in the different social networks are even more important than before. This is the case of UpMyProfile. This company gives its clients the opportunity to buy followers on Instagram (also comments or likes). The difference is that, with UpMyProfile, all those users, likes or comments will be absolutely real. That means that your followers would be real people with real things to talk about. 

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This translates not only in a better profile, with real and “human” comments and interesting, funny and attractive interactions, but also in a more secure profile. With, you will always be absolutely sure that you are working with a leading marketing company and you will have the certainty that your profile is absolutely legal and can’t be punished by Instagram in any way. 

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