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Kim Kardashian Has Trouble Finding Captions for Instagram

Spelling can be tough sometimes, we all know that. We’ve all had problems when it comes to writing – is it affect or effect? Is it defence or defense? We’ve all experienced this kind of doubts, so it wouldn’t have to be shocking that celebrities experience them […]

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They’re Not Even 10 and They’re Instagram Stars

In 2012, Wilson R. Dorigon, Jr., a shoemaker from Brazil specialized in digital marketing and trend hunting, realized that, although traditional fashion was present everywhere in the street, Internet was still a niche to exploit regarding children’s fashion. That’s why he decided to take advantage and create […]

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Why Are Iranian Youths Posting Their ID Pictures on Instagram?

A great number of Iranian youngsters have been using Instagram in order to reaffirm their identities. They have started posting pictures of themselves, chosen by themselves, together with pictures used for IDs, but why? Two popular Instagram accounts have asked Iranians to post both pictures under the […]

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The Power of Luv on Instagram

Helly Luv is probably the most warrior-like pop singer in the world. She’s the most well-known Kurdish star. Not only her singing career has made her famous, but also her way of fighting against fanaticism. They call her the Middle Eastern Shakira, but her way of acting […]

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